Me, me and meツ

☛ Hey there.
I honestly don’t know where to start.


➊ Call me Farah
➋ A coffee addict
➌ A cat lover
➍ Anonymous blogger

Why I made this blog

➊ To keep all my memories and weird thoughts
➋ To blog about my daily
-including places I’ve visited
➌ To treat this blog like my personal diary

I also have another blog where I write all my random thoughts. It’s called The Girl With Coffe.  Honestly, I could write 100 words long about introducing myself and this blog but I’m lazy to do that. Let keep this simple.

//awkward silence//
//me standing awkwardly//
//disappeared mysteriously//


Day 1 | 15th February

My status:  My heart hurts so deep. 

We were training ourselves for the upcoming sports day today. And I was in the parade team. I’d never joined the parade team before and I would definitely grab the chance that I have this year. We were marching on the field, right under the sun. What a tired day. Wait, there’s more. My stressfulness hasn’t ended yet.

the list for this week

  • Pack for the motivation course ( 2 days )
  • Write a new post ( !!! )
  • Update my social medias
  • Prepare for the upcoming exams
  • Do the scrapbook project
  • Plan for the annual CustoBlog (the prizes and stuff)
  • Do the awards and tags
  • Reply to the collaboration emails
  • Write for the story contest
  • Continue writing my novel (oops, spoiler!)
  • Film a new youtube video

I wish ( yes ) I could complete all of these within the due, this week. I forgot I’m a halftime youtuber. I definitely need to film a new youtube video. It has been decades since my last one. And, the most important, I need to start preparing myself for the upcoming examination. I’ll need to study and revise more. This is the moment where the bullet journal is needed.



I’m so happy because the upcoming school holiday already started today which is a good thing so I could spend my time as usual.

ⓐ Watch Youtube
-Meh, this is a typical thing to do
ⓑ Read posts on reader
-I’ve been busy the last 2 weeks and I missed reading posts from the wonderful bloggers
– Trust me, there are lots of posts I’ve missed
ⓒ Watch movies
-on Iflix (lots of horror movies in there)
ⓓ Film and edit the upcoming youtube video that I’m currently working on
– // hint : my room //
– Attention: this only happens when I’m extremely desperate to do so.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and it feels amazing after all the examinations. Wish me luck!